2013 Photography Goals

Photography 2013

With only a few days left of 2012 it is time to start thinking about 2013.

Look at where you are with your photography right at this moment.

Are you where you want to be?

What improvements would you like to make?

Are there specific photography skills you would like to learn?

What steps can you take to accomplish your goals?

As I look back over my own captures from this last year I realize I have made very little progress and I see very little passion in the shots I have taken. For me, that happens when I stop actively learning and trying new things.

I am going to start by taking part in our 365 Photo Project Challenge. Reality says that I may not make it but one thing I know for sure is that I won’t if I don’t at least try.

I also plan to take some online photography courses to begin improving my techniques. I have been researching ways to do this. There are a ton of tutorials on You Tube that may help me with this quest.

What are you photography goals for 2013?


J. Cricket Walker


  1. NikkiNikki12-28-2012

    I am going to start advertising my business publicly, Im looking for a massive avenue though. I have done very well using social media, however, I need to branch out now that I have the equipment necessary :). Another goal I have is to combine my services with another business to create a suitable need for clients. The idea seems to be what people are wanting and Im going to go ahead and leap on it 😉 Id love to spend more time blogging too, however, I dont know if being a wife and mother first, then a business owner will allow me to do that, we shall see! Happy 2013!!

  2. LesliLesli12-28-2012

    There is always learning happening when you continue to shoot – even if that learning is the need to find what drives your photography passion. When I don’t get out and shoot, I feel down and disconnected. Once I get out and shoot again, even if it is only for an hour, I feel invigorated, recharged, alive. My goal is to push my own limits, to build on strengths, work, and work more, and fuel my passion – photography, and to share with others like you!

  3. Joyce CampJoyce Camp12-28-2012

    I don’t think I will ever be where I want in photography! I have had a lot of fun getting to where I am!

    My dream someday is to have a DSL camera and a bunch of gadgets to play with!

    I enjoy reading articles about photography.

    I try to use the suggestions and tips I come across but with the camera I have sometimes I’m unable to accomplish them!

  4. Alison GrahamAlison Graham12-28-2012

    I have been seriously working on improving my photography for under a year. In that time I have seen dramatic improvement in my product, but there are so many things yet to learn. My challenge is narrowing my focus in order to get the best gains. For the coming year I’d like to continue to improve my sports photography, start learning about macro techniques, refine my understanding of exposure and learn to meter correctly, and explore the possibilities inherent in digital post-processing with the tools I have.

  5. My goal for 2013 in photography is to get out there and enjoy taking pictures and sharing them. Finding things I enjoy doing is my main goal in 2013.

  6. RenataRenata12-28-2012

    I am going to try to do a 365 blog with photos….
    I am considering starting a new blog for this..

  7. LawrenceLawrence04-19-2013

    Here it’s well into April and I’m still struggling with my goals for 2013. I have a lot of them, but there is one that is the most important to me. I want to move beyond the technical and into the artistic. Easier said than done. To accomplish that, I have to get my technical skills to the level of a solid foundation (which they aren’t yet), and I have to understand better the kind of artistry that I want in my photos (which I don’t yet).

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