365 Project Photography

365 Project Photography

When I first started taking pictures I would shoot anything and everything. It didn’t matter where I was or if it was the right time of day or not.

I was just plain having fun and capturing memories.

As I began learning more I noticed that I started shooting less.

At the time it made perfect sense to me because I was simply no longer shooting hundreds of shots at a time and hoping I would get lucky enough to get at least one good one. I was waiting for the right conditions.

Over time though I started realizing I had stopped shooting all together unless I thought I could get the perfect shot. I was so worried about getting it right that I was no longer having fun and it became a chore. I was afraid to share more than a handful of pictures with others because in my mind they simply weren’t good enough.

At first I blamed it on being burned out. I thought that if I bought a new camera it would renew my passion for photography. It didn’t. I simply expected even more from myself.

The more I tried to learn the fewer pictures I took.

  • The moment wasn’t right.
  • The lighting was all wrong.
  • I didn’t have the right lens with me.
  • The shot was pointless without my tripod.
  • The weather was bad.

Ya know what I learned? If I was going to wait for everything to be perfect then I might as well hang it all up because eventually I would simply stop taking pictures all together.

I was in a slump and it was time to find my way back out of it.

It was time to start having fun and loving photography again.

As with most things in life, if I am going to do something, I tend to make sure and drag YOU along with me.

Here is what we are going to do.

Every single day in the coming year we are going to take a picture.

We aren’t going to care which camera we use even if we only have our cell phone with us. We won’t care what time of day it is or if the lighting is right. Weather will not play a role in our decision to not let a day go by without taking a picture. We are just going to shoot.

Why? Because it isn’t about perfection. It’s about having fun and loving it.

I am not saying we should stop learning but we can’t let the process of learning kill our passion for photography.

Spend this coming year capturing anything and everything.

Let go of your fears and just have fun.

This isn’t a contest and there are no rules.

You can interact here on the blog in the comments or you can actively participate in our Facebook group for encouragement and to share your shots but make sure to comment on this post to let us know if you are going to jump in to take part in the 365 Project Photography challenge.

For some of you this may be a good time to start a photography blog! If you are interested in blogging we have a Facebook group for that too, along with a 365 Project Blogging challenge! Of course, you can choose to combine them into one challenge.

What do you say? Are you ready to take on this challenge?


J. Cricket Walker


  1. Gloria KearnsGloria Kearns12-30-2012

    Hello Cricket,
    I so agree with what you say. It’s way too easy to get caught in the perfectionism trap. I will take part in the challenge. I will store my photos in a Flickr album and will post the links on the I love photography page. I will start January 1st.
    I wish you a very happy 2013.

  2. Joyce CampJoyce Camp12-30-2012

    I have decided the majority of my post will be photo blog. I have never been one for just writing. It’s not that I don’t like it, I have always wanted to but never had the knack for it!
    I found on some of the challenges I have done by posting the photo would lead me into sparking a memory of something and I would write about that! Just by taking the photo I had nothing in mind at the time to write!
    I’m rather excited to get started and hope I maintain 365 days!

  3. Cricket WalkerCricket Walker12-30-2012

    I was going to be creative and follow some sort of theme. Instead I have decided I am going to be totally random and just shoot what captures my attention in the moment.

  4. Since retiring 3 years ago, I’m loath to commit to anything, even for a day, let alone for 365 of the buggers in a row, but…here goes! The good, the bad, the ugly – I’m giving the 365 Project a shot, so to speak! 😀

  5. Tricia MarchlikTricia Marchlik12-30-2012

    Where do the photos per day get posted??

  6. Alison GrahamAlison Graham12-30-2012

    OK, I’m in! This is a challenge I can do — and I appreciate keeping it loose, without a theme or rules. I’m sure not all shots will be inspired, but I’m equally sure that there will be some great surprises along the way 🙂

    Let’s have some fun!

  7. zenzen12-30-2012

    Count me in too!

  8. Deanna Irvin-WheelerDeanna Irvin-Wheeler12-31-2012

    hey have really been thinking about this and think I am going to try it I have never did a blog and have no idea how but I have a camera lol

  9. Jeff SinnockJeff Sinnock01-01-2013

    Cricket i’m in,though what I send put up might not ALWAYS be my normal post but I will shot something different each day and then explain how I came about the image and what it took in post processing to get there. Those of you that have seen my work hope you enjoy most will be in BnW (that’s my sthick) so if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask ill be more than happy to answer them in a timely manner. So lets get busy and make this 365 rock.

  10. ToniToni01-01-2013

    Im going ot jump in… I hope I can follow through for the entire year.. 🙂

  11. Of course I am doing this!

  12. Andrea BassiAndrea Bassi01-01-2013

    I’m going to give it a try!

  13. Michael HouldenMichael Houlden01-01-2013

    Cricket, I’m in.

  14. Wendy CotieWendy Cotie01-01-2013

    Thanks Cricket, This is just the challenge I needed, although I have written little on this first day of the year, managed to get here just in time… in my time zone that is 😉 with four minutes to spare!

  15. Lora PhillippiLora Phillippi01-02-2013

    I’m in! It’s 11pm on 1/1/13… let me go see what I can get a pic of, lol 🙂

  16. Melissa JacksonMelissa Jackson01-02-2013

    Cricket, I’m in for this. Sounds fun!

  17. Greg ReevesGreg Reeves01-08-2013

    I was just reminded about this group by a friend and am late to the 365 day challenge – I think I would like to jump in, if it’s okay . . . What you said here is spot on!

    • Cricket WalkerCricket Walker01-08-2013

      You can jump in at any time. The 365 days begin when you do! 🙂

  18. Billie Carol KennemurBillie Carol Kennemur01-15-2013

    how VERY exciting Cricket!!! I’m joining the 365 project now!!! and I would luv to start a photography blog if I can figure that out!!! COUNT ME IN!!!
    i never leave home w/o my camera & I don’t think I’ve missed a day taking pix (b/c that’s how i keep up w/ our kitties — my friend & I feed 35 feral cats around town everyday)! but i’ll just post today & going 4ward!!!

  19. I signed up when the challenge started, but I’m thinking it was on a different page. 😀 So, by way of an update, I’m shooting every day! but I’ve started posting to my blog every week, with each week’s photos in one blog post.

  20. DanDan04-11-2013

    Oh wow, I hadn’t heard my own photography plight put quite so succintly before.

    I went through that same shoot everything — shoot somethings — shoot nothing phase.

    I used to go out with 2 x 8GB capture cards. Fill both and curse the sky that I didn’t have spares. Now, I take one, no spare, and whatever photos are already on the card tend to stay there.

    The key point of what Cricket has said, that speaks to me, is that shooting went from being fun (regardless of what the shots turned out like) to being an absolute chore (trying to get the perfect shot).

    I think I am more inclined to commit to a smaller time-frame challenge. I did take the camera out a couple of weekends ago and got 1 good shot, but had great fun getting all the bad ones too 😀

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