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Low Light Situations

Hunter McRae Photography

How to Shoot Effectively in Low Light Situations (and Which Lenses to Use) By Hunter McRae Shooting in low light isn’t easy. There’s a reason that your concert, campfire and nightclub pictures always come out blurry. Fortunately, it is possible to capture sharp, detailed images in extremely low light situations. The bad news is that doing so isn’t as simple …

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Marvin Miller

Copyright © Marvin Miller

Setting the WABAC machine to sometime in the late 90s … I arrived at work one morning to find a Sony DSC-F1 electronic camera on my desk. I thought a camera would be useful to document some prototype hardware, so I casually mentioned it to my manager. I wasn’t expecting this! This thing looked more like a book than a …

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Jeff Stewart

Copyright © Jeff Stewart Photography

Myself I have been a photographer for 35 years, started out in high school. I first started my journey into the photo world with a Pentax K1000 film camera that I purchased for $69.95. I came home with it and tried to understand all about these f-stop and shutter speed things and it drove me crazy, so what I did …

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Trudi Crookshanks

Copyright © Trudi Crookshanks

I have always lived in a house with pictures. My mother always had a camera with her, when we went places and I have followed after her. I can remember having a polaroid camera at 6th grade camp. Every trip we took, I had a camera with me. For 33 years, I was a real estate appraiser and had to …

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John Kain

Copyright © John Kain

Photography, My Way to Escape Reality This may sound like a sad story but it is not, it is called life! It is something we learn and live with from an early age. I like to photograph it and have people see my life through my eyes! I started taking photos when I was 13 or 14 on my mom’s …

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