Autumn Scavenger Hunt

V7N Scavenger Hunt

V7N Autumn 2013 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Challenge September 16 – October 16, 2013
You have 30 days to complete this scavenger hunt. The speed that you post your entries is not vital. You can take a picture every other day, or spend a full day finding all of them. It is vital though that YOU are the one who takes every picture.

  1. Happy
  2. Friend
  3. Old
  4. Vehicle
  5. Feet
  6. Basket
  7. Door
  8. Art
  9. Road
  10. Sign
  11. Sweet
  12. Phone
  13. Litter
  14. Animal
  15. Nature

You cannot use one of your old pictures. Every picture needs to be a new one that you have taken during this 30 days challenge.

The more creative you are with this, the more fun it will be. As always, you are in full control of your interpretation of the items on the scavenger hunt list.

Getting Started With The Scavenger Hunt

First, make it known that you intend to participate in the challenge by adding your name and the URL of the folder where you will be placing all of your images for this challenge as a reply to this post here on the blog. This is a must to qualify so that I can keep track of the participants!

During The Photo Scavenger Hunt

Post your images to the location of your choice, such as your personal blog, or a service such as Picasa Web Albums or Flickr or even Facebook if you would like.

Make sure you post each image for the challenge to our I Love Photography group over on Facebook.

If you are not a Facebook user posting a link to each of the images (throughout the challenge) as comments (replies) to this post will replace the requirement for posting the images (or links to them) in the I Love Photography group.

The order that you complete the challenge is not important, just let us know which theme the submitted picture applies to.

Are There Prizes For Participating?

At the end of the scavenger hunt we will do a random drawing of all members who completed the challenge. The 1st name drawn will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate. The next 5 names drawn will receive a free V7N Directory submission. Finally, I will be featuring 5 of the best photographs (with linked photography credit) here on his blog. How cool is that! Talk about exposure for you!

Added Notes

It is not important if you are just getting started with photography or if you are a seasoned professional. We also don’t care if you use a point and shoot camera, your cell phone, or DSLR. What matters is just getting out there and shooting the world around you. Use your imagination and just have fun!

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IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to leave a comment to this blog post that you are going to participate!

I can barely wait to see your results!

J. Cricket Walker of

UPDATE: These were the 1st 6 names drawn…

Lauren Larsen Padgett ($100 Amazon Gift Certificate)

V7N Directory Submissions
Tracy Wright Ward
Deanna Irvin-Wheeler
Mimi Stratford Collins
Gloria Kearns
Cynthia Elaine Harper Savage


  1. Of course, I will do it!

  2. Craig AllenCraig Allen09-13-2013

    Count me in! 🙂

  3. Vikki WoodsVikki Woods09-13-2013

    Sure hope I can do this!

    Such a great choice of subjects!

    • Cricket WalkerCricket Walker09-13-2013

      One of my favorite parts of the scavenger hunt challenges is seeing how each of us interpret the subjects. 🙂

  4. Jerry TurnerJerry Turner09-13-2013

    I always enjoy these scavenger hunts! Glad you are doing another one! I will post mine on Flickr.

  5. I’m in! The photo of the shamrock blossom is a placeholder until I get started; once I have a challenge photo, I’ll replace the shamrock and just have challenge photos in this set.

  6. Maureen WebbMaureen Webb09-13-2013

    I’m in! I’ll be posting on Facebook!

  7. Donna FontenotDonna Fontenot09-13-2013

    This is the first time I’ve seen this challenge. I think I’ll participate! I’m no expert, but I think it will be fun and a great creative activity. Cool! 🙂

    • Cricket WalkerCricket Walker09-13-2013

      These are always so much fun because each of us has our own interpretation of the items on the list. As an example, if one of the items was “face” you might see submissions for people faces, animal faces, or even the face of a clock! 🙂

  8. Sandi MyersSandi Myers09-13-2013

    I’m in!!!
    Here’s where my photos will be:

  9. Gloria KearnsGloria Kearns09-13-2013

    Okay. As you suggested, Cricket, I will include it in my 365. I will post the photos on Flickr. 🙂

  10. PatriciaPatricia09-13-2013

    I’m in. Sounds like fun.

  11. PatriciaPatricia09-13-2013

    Will post on the I Love Photography page.

  12. Debbie WDebbie W09-14-2013

    This would be my first time doing a photography scavenger hunt. I plan to participate but need to figure out where I’ll post!

  13. Gloria KearnsGloria Kearns09-14-2013

    Hi Cricket,
    I started a dedicated album for the scavenger hunt. You will find it here:
    Its title is “2013 I Love Photography Scavenger Hunt”.

    Have a nice evening! 🙂

  14. Deanna Irvin-WheelerDeanna Irvin-Wheeler09-14-2013

    going to try it have them all wrote down

  15. Graham DouglasGraham Douglas09-14-2013

    Sounds like good fun. I’ll give it a go.

  16. Jackie FedakJackie Fedak09-14-2013

    I will have to add via face book if that is okay. Sounds like fun!

  17. Cheryl PeedCheryl Peed09-16-2013

    I would like to try this I will post photos to my personal facebook page in an album titled autumn scavenger hunt/I Love Photography

  18. JanJan09-16-2013

    I hope I can finish this one!! Awesome!!

  19. Deni FowlerDeni Fowler09-16-2013

    Yay! I’d love to do this! 🙂 Thank you!

  20. Okay, you got me! (But I’m mainly doing it for the chance at that Amazon gift certificate… :o)

  21. Sandy HogrefeSandy Hogrefe09-16-2013

    Sure count me in

  22. Jenny PyneJenny Pyne09-16-2013

    I’ll join the scavenger hunt. Will post my pics to the “I Love Photography” Facebook page.

  23. BetsyBetsy09-16-2013

    Will be joining you sounds like fun!! 🙂

  24. Lesley HendricksLesley Hendricks09-16-2013

    I’m in. I won’t be able to post the pics for a couple of weeks. I’ll put them in an album on FB. Will post the url when I put up the album.

  25. Joyce CampJoyce Camp09-16-2013

    I’m In. Will post in I Love Photography, and my blog… .. don’t have the challenge set up yet in the blog!

  26. jacky singhjacky singh09-17-2013

    so we need to post all photos separately on our website or we can link on facebook page ? by taging u group ?

    • Cricket WalkerCricket Walker09-17-2013

      You can just post the pictures (or provide a link to them) in the I Love Photography group. 🙂

  27. Sue MuellerSue Mueller09-17-2013

    I’m a little late, but I am in! Can’t wait to get started

  28. cindi mehlercindi mehler09-17-2013

    I will start today…My pics will be on Face book..

  29. heather doyleheather doyle09-17-2013
  30. cindi mehlercindi mehler09-17-2013

    Yes! Will make me think outside the box..:)

  31. Audrey SparksAudrey Sparks09-17-2013

    Sweet Georgia! I’m all over this!

    • Audrey SparksAudrey Sparks09-17-2013

      I’ll be using Facebook. Do I post to my own page or on the community page?

      • Cricket WalkerCricket Walker09-17-2013

        If you upload it to your own wall or album then you need to share the link to the image in the group. 🙂

  32. Vickie MannersVickie Manners09-17-2013

    I’ll use facebook and I needed something to give me a boost to get back into photography!!

  33. Cricket WalkerCricket Walker09-17-2013

    I am so excited that so many of you decided to participate. I truly look forward to seeing your pictures! <3

  34. KellyKelly09-17-2013

    I’m in. 🙂

  35. Honey MooreHoney Moore09-18-2013

    This sounds like fun! I will be posting my photos on Facebook

  36. Sandra FlicksteinSandra Flickstein09-18-2013

    Will participate

  37. Ade BrooksAde Brooks09-18-2013

    Hi. I’ve created a Picasa Web Album which I will use for my entries which is at the following url

    Thanks very much 🙂

  38. Hi Cricket — count me in for the new scavenger hunt! Not sure where I will post them yet, but will check back in soon with the site/link.

  39. Cricket WalkerCricket Walker09-19-2013

    Although I am not eligible to win anything, I plan on playing along just for fun.

    I am going to keep mine on Flickr, I think…

  40. ChelseaChelsea09-21-2013

    This looks fun 🙂

  41. Mike CromptonMike Crompton09-22-2013

    Ooh only just seen this, will hopefully post my photos into an album on facebook, will that do?

  42. BillieBillie09-23-2013

    Sounds like fun! Will be posting on fb

  43. JitendraJitendra09-24-2013

    I’m in !
    Will post the link on FB group very soon..
    Its gonna be FUN, i am sure 🙂

  44. Donna FontenotDonna Fontenot09-28-2013

    Ok, finally started on this. So far, here’s what I’ve got. More to come.

  45. Diane MohrmanDiane Mohrman09-28-2013

    I’m in….love the idea, thanks!

  46. Andrew WieleAndrew Wiele09-29-2013

    I’ll be doing this, hopefully.

  47. MimiMimi10-02-2013

    I am in!

  48. NANCY HOLTNANCY HOLT10-02-2013

    Not sure how to set up a “folder” for you… Is a folder from Picasa OK? H-E-L-P! (NBH)

  49. BillieBillie10-14-2013

    My Scavenger hunt album is Facebook
    and also on I Love Photography. Yay I’m done!

  50. Cricket WalkerCricket Walker10-21-2013

    These were the 1st 6 names drawn…

    Lauren Larsen Padgett ($100 Amazon Gift Certificate)

    V7N Directory Submissions
    Tracy Wright Ward
    Deanna Irvin-Wheeler
    Mimi Stratford Collins
    Gloria Kearns
    Cynthia Elaine Harper Savage

    • Mona HessMona Hess10-21-2013

      Congratulations Lauren Larsen Padgett

  51. PatriciaPatricia10-21-2013

    Is there a list of all who participated so we can look at each other’s pages? I kinda lost track as the month progressed.

    • Cricket WalkerCricket Walker10-22-2013

      The responses above are those who intended to participate. In our FB group there is a list of those who reported completing the challenge.

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