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Breaking All The Rules


One of the first things I learned when I started taking pictures was how to break all the rules. Actually, it wasn’t so much that I broke all the rules but rather that I didn’t have a clue what the rules are. I just knew what I did and didn’t like so I learned (and continue to learn) through a …

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Emotion In Photography


For me, photography is all about emotions. I believe that photography is a glimpse of who we are inside. Certainly we express how we feel about a subject through our shots, but the real excitement begins when we are able to capture moments in such a way that the viewer recognizes and actually feels that emotion within them. Perhaps it …

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Move In Closer


One of the quickest ways to improve your pictures when you are just getting started with photography is to move in much closer. Often times the biggest difference between a casual snapshot and an incredible moment captured is as simple as how close you are. If it feels like your photographs are missing something or they just aren’t grabbing attention, …

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Confidence In Photography


How many times have you looked at an image and said to yourself… Wow what a fabulous shot, I wish I was that good…? Come on, be honest with yourself, how many times? Well let me tell you that you can be that good, or at least pretty close. All you need is confidence in your photography skills and a …

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Black & White Photography

Quiet Moment

From the very moment I fell head over heels in love with the work of photographer, Ansel Adams, I knew that black & white photography would be a passion of mine. There is just something about a good black and white photo that jumps out at me and begs to be hanging on my wall! Since I tend to challenge …

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