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So where to start……When I was younger I saw myself as this fun, confident outgoing character…….then life took over. Not in a bad way just in the normal way. Husband, Kids……the whole juggling act. Making sure everything and everyone were where they were meant to be and doing what they were meant to be doing……..hopefully with a smile on their face. After I had my final daughter of 5 I decided it was time to get a bit of me back!

A friend joined a choir and was telling me about how amazing it was…….singing in a choir at Christmas, what could be nicer? So that was it….the first step in recapturing me. Dedicating a bit of time every week into keeping me sane. Thats not to say my family is difficult but being around toddlers and teenagers all day everyday can’t be good for your health!!!

I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t amazed by the whole universe thing….stars, planets, the moon. To look up and wonder…is someone looking back from a far far planet?? Well looking out one night I thought how I’d love to be able to take a picture that captured the WOW of the universe. The Moon, I wanted to shoot the Moon. That was it, that was the thing that made me get my first decent camera, a Canon d1100. A great plan apart from the fact that the Moons not always there…..and I have this great camera??? what to do?

I got my shot of the Moon in fact I’ve taken a few that I really like and to me say WOW. I now shoot a wide variety of things and at the moment I’m thinking that might be my downfall. I need to focus on one area but they all seem to be so appealing. I love Black and White stuff but I really like Macro too. I love that a good shot can be anywhere, it doesn’t have to be pretty or the “normal”, beauty or art can be found all around us we just need to open our eyes.

At the moment I’m shooting with a Canon 7d and a Canon SX50….so I guess that means I’m a “nice” photographer, not as cool as you Nikon dudes!!lol. I also try my hand at a little editing using Lightroom and Elements12. The “I Love Photography” group is so important in my learning and development as a photographer. Being able to share and ask for help and not be looked down on or made to feel stupid has helped me not give in.

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  1. Don KandelDon Kandel01-08-2014

    Nice piece – the one thing that you say in jest is the Nikon comment – and if this were the 1970’s or 80’s I would agree. there was a time that the glass from Nikon was far superior to most – probably just behind Leica and Hasselblad. And I was luck to grow up next to a person who traveled to Japan a lot on business and my Dad always believed in quality – thus I have been shooting Nikon since 1973. Today – there is not that distinct line – and the beauty of photography is not the equipment – its the eye. I find it hard to teach – but is something that can surely be developed. When I started I always had a like for nature photography – but did a lot of people and wedding/event photography because that is where the money was and still is. I was the campus photographer at college – and then had my own business for may years – the first three after college was full-time.

    So much has changed since then – more and more people are able to be involved in photography and make of it what they want. That is the beauty of it. And in the end – the quality of your work, as in any art – is what YOU get out of it – not what other see. If you have others see it and enjoy it the way you do – that is a bonus!

    I have seen your work posted and enjoy it. And that should be the motivation – it brings you peace f mind; challenges you; and you get enjoyment out of it; EVERYTHING else is gravy! You have found your Zen!

  2. Valerie EkholmValerie Ekholm01-08-2014

    As a 48 year old woman with 2 grown children, I can relate very much to “getting yourself back.” I enjoyed the bio very much and think this is a great addition to the “I Love Photography” group!

  3. Alison GrahamAlison Graham01-08-2014

    Thank you for sharing, Helen. Your photography is beautiful. I agree with your comment about the I Love Photography group being a door to learning and developing as a photographer. There are so many willing to share not only their images, but also their inspiration, techniques, and wisdom. Thanks for being one of them!

  4. MimiMimi01-08-2014

    You have a wonderful eye; your images evoke a peaceful feeling.

  5. PatriciaPatricia01-08-2014

    You know I always enjoy your photos Helen. Thank you for sharing a bit of your background. Five children is an amazing accomplishment all by itself. To be involved with the choir and with photography and to have a ‘great eye’ is icing on the cake.

  6. Martin UnrueMartin Unrue01-09-2014

    Wonderful, very personal and nice!

  7. Cricket WalkerCricket Walker01-09-2014

    Keep on doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  8. Helen HolmesHelen Holmes01-09-2014

    Thanks for all your kind comments, they really do mean alot.

  9. TrishTrish01-09-2014

    So much of what you said, Helen, rings true for myself. After raising my three boys, having jobs around my area and never really loving them, and after the last kid was out the door, it was time for me.

    I got myself a Nikon, a little extra glass and I was off. It’s nice to see that other women are doing this same thing…it’s good for the soul to get yourself back. I love your work and and I’m so inspired to do better when I see things that make me smile.

    Great blog! Best wishes!


  10. John KainJohn Kain01-10-2014

    A great story and I have to admit, I have not seen a lot of your work. However, what I have seen is wonderful!

  11. Deanna Irvin-WheelerDeanna Irvin-Wheeler01-10-2014

    keep it up and I hear you about life getting in the way sort of great story and 5 kids you deserve a metal!!!!

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