Improve Photography Skills


1. Trial and Error

This has been my primary source of learning for a few years now. When I bought my first DSLR I set it up on a tripod and took a gazillion shots of the exact same scene trying out every possible setting. The more you experiment the more you will learn what does and doesn’t work.

2. Join Online Photography Groups

There are literally hundreds of thousands of photography groups on the internet. Find a few that fit the atmosphere that you are most comfortable with and actively participate with challenges. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

3. Connect with Other Photographers

Connecting with others who have similar interests as you can make a huge difference as you work to improve your skill level. This can be even more effective if you can find someone local to go shoot with now and then. I love seeing how different people see the same scene from totally different perspectives.

4. Search YouTube Videos

There are so many online videos to help you improve your photography skills that you could spend years learning and still never run out of videos. Take advantage of them!

5. Online Tips and Tutorials

Find websites (search Google) focused on photography tips and tutorials. Work through them one by one. You will be shocked to see how much free help is out there!

6. Find Local Meetups

You might be surprised to discover how many active offline photography groups are in your local area. Try a search for photography on for a group near you.

What methods have you found in your quest to improve your skill level?


J. Cricket Walker

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  1. Stephan [PFK]Stephan [PFK]08-02-2013

    Well I think the best way to improve your photgraphy skill ist to train your eye.
    Make photos, make a lot of photos and train your eye for pictures.
    And another importen thing. Focuse on one subject for exampel people photography, street photography, animals.
    Then you are on your way to improve your skill.
    Wathing videos and reading tutorials will not work alone! It is basicly “make photos”.
    That is my opinon.
    Greatings from Germany 🙂

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