Jeff and Mellissa Klein

Jeff and Mellissa Klein

We are Jeff and Mellissa, a Northern California-based, husband and wife, photography team. We operate J&M Photography from our studio in the east bay city of San Ramon, about 40 miles east of San Francisco. Most of our clients are in the Northern California area.

We love being partners, both in marriage and in our photography business. Our first date, many years ago, was a photowalk and hike through the Point Reyes National Seashore. Even today, our vacations are a strong mix of travel and photography, and are always linked. For us, it is difficult to imagine a trip, event, or adventure that does not involve capturing those moments with our cameras.

For me, it’s the challenge of portraying to others the world as I see it. Anyone can take a decent photograph, but not everyone can make the image jump off the page with feeling. I love the creativity involved of trying to show something in an unusual and compelling way. One of the most interesting photos I’ve ever seen was of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. However, this photo was taken from inside a car in the rain. A tiny inverted reflection of the bridge was present in every one of the hundreds of raindrops on the car window. That is what it is about.

For Mellissa, her satisfaction is the joy she sees that others have when they react to her images. While viewing Mellissa’s photos from a recent wedding, a client remarked that she could actually feel herself re-living the event. That was the most rewarding comment Mellissa could have received.

I think that we were destined to be together and make great images. We both got our first cameras in our early teens and were hooked. To be able to capture a memory, share it with others, and also keep it for a lifetime is priceless. After more than 40 years of individual photographic practice, we created J&M Photography.

The point is this: all photographers talk about their passion for the art, and we are no different. It truly is our passion and we love creating images that have a real impact. But In our case, we actively and intentionally strive to convey and transfer that passion to our images. Did we achieve our goal? Let us know what you think.

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  1. John KainJohn Kain01-08-2014

    Great Bio! What you stated in your third paragraph hit what photography is about right on the head. I wrote an article once that that stated everyone can take a picture. However, it you take a photograph that expresses the passion and feel of the scene to the viewer, you are a photographer!

    Well done!

  2. Cricket WalkerCricket Walker01-09-2014

    I so loved reading your story. I have enjoyed watching your work and hearing about your adventures. 🙂

  3. Martin UnrueMartin Unrue01-09-2014

    WOW, a wonderful life story! A lot of feelings and emotions are portrayed!

  4. Don KandelDon Kandel01-09-2014

    Great to be living the life – with who you want and doing what you love!

  5. Your story is as beautiful as your photography. 🙂

  6. TrishTrish01-09-2014

    How wonderful for you to have a job doing what you both love! That’s the best kind of work for anyone in the world.

    I love your work and am inspired to be better at my craft. I spend a great deal of time going across the country and, being from New England, I can take advantage of the beautiful foliage here.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  7. Helen HolmesHelen Holmes01-09-2014

    To be doing something you love with the person you love is a true blessing. A wonderful story well told.

  8. Deanna Irvin-WheelerDeanna Irvin-Wheeler01-10-2014

    Great Story!!!!

  9. DonnaDonna01-12-2014

    Your gallery on your site is incredibly – and intensely – beautiful. I have a way of describing what happens when I see such intensely beautiful sights. I describe it as “my eyes melting”. My eyes definitely melt when I look at you and your wife’s work.

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