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Setting the WABAC machine to sometime in the late 90s …

I arrived at work one morning to find a Sony DSC-F1 electronic camera on my desk. I thought a camera would be useful to document some prototype hardware, so I casually mentioned it to my manager. I wasn’t expecting this!

This thing looked more like a book than a camera. The picture resolution was 640 x 480 (.3 megapixel). The storage media was a floppy disc that held a little over 100 images. But I didn’t need to have film developed. I could edit the pictures using Photoshop and then import them directly into a Word document. This was cool. This was really cool!

Of course the guy in the cube next to me had to scoff at my new toy, tempering my excitement. He assured me that film would always be the choice of anyone who pursued photography as an art. I wonder what he is shooting now.

A couple of years later the Olympus D500L and its whopping 1 MP of resolution became my initial personal investment in ones and zeros. A Pacific coast sunset was my first subject that didn’t have eyes. When I proudly showed a coworker my creation, he said “I can print that for you!” Really? The next day I was presented with art! Promptly framed, it is still displayed on a wall in our home. Just don’t look too closely and try not to be too critical. It was, after all, a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Anyway, the rage was on. When I met Janet, she was already an early adopter of digital imaging. Over the next decade, a parade of various Oly cameras accompanied us on our many travels. Eventually Janet was seduced by the dark side and became a Nikon shooter. I in turn returned to the fold and picked up a Sony DSLR. My current choice for capturing light is the Sony Alpha 77.

Despite all this access to fun stuff I remain an amateur. It’s a good place to be, as perfection remains optional. I don’t have to photograph people. I really prefer rocks and trees as subject matter. Rocks never have an opinion and trees always smile for you. In the end, I need only to please myself.

Marvin Miller


  1. Gloria KearnsGloria Kearns03-20-2014

    Great story, Marvin! And the picture is beautiful. 🙂

  2. Helen HolmesHelen Holmes03-20-2014

    I love your stuff Marvin and its a great story. Being an amateur is so much more fun in my opinion 🙂

  3. Cricket WalkerCricket Walker03-20-2014

    This picture is so stunningly beautiful. I would have been breathless standing there seeing that seen. Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us.

  4. RuthRuth03-20-2014

    What can I say about a photograph that leaves me without words to express how I feel when I look at this Magnificent Landscape which you have totally captured a spiritual emotion. Your photograph inspires me to try harder with my own photography.

  5. MarvinMarvin03-21-2014

    Thanks much. BTW, Olympus E-510 @ f/8, 1/125, ISO-100. Just in the right place at the right time.

  6. Tricia MarchlikTricia Marchlik03-22-2014

    This is an amazing capture, but then again, most of Marvin’s are.. I love his work… Another winner, Marvin. Congratulations!

  7. annann03-22-2014

    all of your work is outstanding! thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

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