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Coffee Shop

Imagine for a moment a coffee shop filled with photographers from all over the world, with a wide range of skill levels. Wouldn’t the conversations be incredible?

I find myself craving the stories behind the camera – not just about the photos they take, but how capturing those images makes a person feel.

“When I have a camera in my hands, the world disappears. Nothing exists beyond the scene in front of me. A glimpse of who I am inside is found in the photographs I take.” – J. Cricket Walker

Tell me about your passion for photography.

How do you feel when you are capturing an image?

What makes it so addicting?

I would love to hear your story about how you got started with it all and if you have a site or page related to photography, please share it with us in your comments!


J. Cricket Walker


  1. Toni RobinsonToni Robinson09-29-2012

    Taking photos allows me to escape from the rest of the hectic things that go on in my everyday lifestyle. Once I learn more about my camera and taking photos, I hope to include the fact that my viewers think that my photos are breathtaking at least some of the time! 🙂

  2. Tim HarrisTim Harris09-29-2012

    I started out in photography about 8 years ago as a father taking photos of my daughters Gymnastic, Dance, Karate, etc., which I still do today. I developed a real passion for the art of photography. I’m totally self taught and over the years have read books, taken courses, got involved with local and online photography groups/clubs and above all I try to get out and take photos almost everyday. I find the more time I spend taking photos, the better my skills become.

    I try to learn something new everyday as I feel you can never quit learning/growing. I enjoy looking at others work as it inspires me to grow as a photographer.

    In the past couple of years, I have taken my passion and started getting paid to do what I love. I find that I really enjoy photographing High School Seniors outdoors on locations. Since I have a Senior myself, I really enjoy the kids. What really excites me and makes it all worth it is when I capture their individual personalities in the image and see the big smiles from them and their parents when they first see the images. I even gets hugs at times!

    I will never give up this art and only strive to become a better photographer as time moves forward.

    Thanks, Tim

  3. Cori SmelkerCori Smelker09-29-2012

    I come at mine from a completely different angle. My parents did not have many photos of us out on display although I know they took them. I have great memories of game park trips, Victoria Falls, the Cape, Durban (I grew up in South Africa). My parents moved to the USA for a 2-year work contract, and they put all their things into a fold up caravan and stored it in their 2-car garage of the home that they rented out while they were gone. An arsonist set that camper on fire and my parents lost all their personal belongings (those that had not come with them to the USA) including all but a handful of photos of our family. So in many ways my life in photos doesn’t begin until I was 26.

    I visited my parents in the USA and met my husband, which is why i live here today. But a few years after I married, my parents finished their work contract and decided to move back to the UK, which is where they are originally from.

    The advent of digital photography made it that much easier to take photos – no more cursing because I ruined a shot and knew I only had xx number left on the film. My husband bought a small digital camera and began taking photos of the family. I hated having my photo taken, so when the camera came out, I’d grab it from him and take the shots instead. I started taking more and more shots so that I could share the kids with my parents in England and my brother, who lives in the Shetland Islands.

    I am firmly in the amateur camp when it comes to photography. I have a nice Canon camera, and enjoy chronicling my family’s life through photos. I am probably trying to make up for the fact that my life’s photographic memories went up in smoke.

    I think it would be fair to say that although I love photography, it is not my love of photography that compels me to take photos, but my love of family and having tangible memories.

    • CricketCricket09-29-2012

      I love photographing family and capturing their personality!

  4. Cori SmelkerCori Smelker09-29-2012

    To answer your second question – How do you feel when you are capturing an image?

    When I capture a certain look in my kid’s eyes, or I see something funny and I can capture that moment, it gives me great joy and excitement and a sense of “I can’t wait to share this.”

    What makes it so addicting for me is wanting to improve. Although I have no desire to become a professional, I still want to offer the best I can when I take photos. I am always disappointed when I take a shot and it is blurry, or the subject moves and I cannot recapture what I wanted to.

  5. Becky Patlan-GarciaBecky Patlan-Garcia09-29-2012

    I do a lot of Macro so there are times when I have to, literally, be sitting or laying down to get the shots I want. While I’m doing that it forces me to slow down and take a look around. I see many things that would be missed if I were standing. It makes me realize that there is a whole other world that we are not looking at so I take the time to discover and that gets my mind of the everyday grind of work, the fact that my dishes aren’t washed, my laundry is behind and the whole soap opera of life.
    When I capture an image, especially one that I’m not likely to experience again, it is euphoric. A little endorphin rush. This is what makes it so addicting.
    I got started in Macro when I bought my Canon Rebel a few years back. The very first macro shot I took was of some Morning Glories on the side of the road. I started looking around and noticed that there were several wildflowers that I had never seen before. I, literally, walked for miles alongside the road to look for more. People were stopping by asking me if I needed a ride or any help. I just raised my camera up to show them and told them “No thanks, just getting some shots.” I did this for days on end. After a while people recognized me and would drive by waving and smiling. Some people even stopped by to tell me about some unusual flowers they had seen and tell me where they were.
    Along the way I did take some scenic shots and posted them on Panoramia. One day a man stopped as I was snapping a shot of his cows in the fall. He said, “One day I was on Google Earth and saw some pictures and I said Hey, there’s my house and pasture. They were nice pictures and I thought that was pretty cool.” I told him that those pics were mine. That was a bit of a rush because that was the first time that I had gotten any feedback on my picture taking. That was when I decided to try my hand at landscape photography. I’m still very much a newbie but a few of my pics have won a few awards. I’m hoping to go professional but that will be down the line.

    Here is my Flikr account page. I have many macros and some landscape.

  6. CricketCricket09-29-2012

    I so love hearing the stories. 🙂

  7. Trudi CrookshanksTrudi Crookshanks09-29-2012

    My passion for photography, I think started when I was young. My mom always took pictures of what was going on in our lives and I believe that influenced me. When we were selling our house in Los Angeles, I remember the realtor called our house the picture house. I remember going to sixth grade science camp and taking pictures with a polaroid camera. I always had a dream of going into travel, but did not get there, at least not yet. My dad was a real estate appraiser and I loved riding around with him. When I graduated from college, I took a job as an appraiser with a friend of my dad’s and I got to take pictures of homes. Three years ago, I was able to quit work and stay home as a wife and mom of adult twin daughters. One of my daughters is studying graphic design and the two of use go out with our cameras on the weekend and take pictures. I got a Canon Rebel XSi and have joined several photography meet up groups. I agree with many of the others here, that I love to get out everyday and take pictures. I love to share what I see with my friends and the world. What makes it addicting for me, is the idea of sharing and just getting out and seeing the world. When I did appraising, I was only focused on working and getting it done, now I see my world from a different perspective. I no longer have blinders on. I would love to make photography a way to make some money, but for now, I am content with what I do. One of the things I like to take pictures of, is history and trains. I have a blog that I also do regarding my life and I put pictures that I take on the I now carry two cameras with me all the time and I sometimes forget and regret that I don’t have a camera with me. I am a realist when it comes to taking pictures, as I like to see the picture almost the way I saw it. I do very little editing to my pictures. Lately I have been getting the feeling that I need to get out of my comfort zone and move forward in some way with my photography.

  8. Ron StraitRon Strait09-29-2012

    When I have my camera in hand, the world changes, its only how I see it & how I want to share what i see, sometimes it is the mere beauty in a simple weed along side the road that is yelling out to you to capture its true beauty. The peace that comes along with looking thru the lens also is so relaxing yet sparks the creative side of me that I sometimes get carried away. I use to feel some of this when i would go hunting but this captures it all & preserves it forever. The coffee shop idea would be awesome! Every town should have one for us camera freaks to stop & share are thoughts, experiences our very own worlds we see from behind our own little peep holes.

  9. Joyce CampJoyce Camp09-29-2012

    “Tell me about your passion for photography.”
    My passion for photography started when I was in high school (a long time ago)!
    Sure I liked taking pictures but when I was a Sr in high school my friend next door’s father started taking photography classes. It amazed me he would spend some time in this little room with a light on above the door and walk out with pictures..he was developing his own photographs in his own Dark Room!
    Well that tweaked my interest right there! I was use to using polaroids and the little cameras with the little flash cube on top (remember those LOL)
    He had this fancy camera that i was fascinated with (SLR)! So I started spending time with him when I could watching him taking photos!
    With the money I got for graduation I bought a Minolta SLR camera, and a fancy telescopic lense! Three months later I started nursing school! Which lead to working, marriage, kids, grandkids! So needless to say I very seldom picked up a camera except for birthdays and holidays!

    How do you feel when you are capturing an image?
    If I am capturing the photos I want I am excited and feel such an accomplishment! ! If I’m not capturing just the right one I tend to get very upset with myself!

    “What makes it so addicting?”
    What makes photography so addicting to me is the need and deep desire to obtain that perfect shot!

    A few month ago, I think it was April I started following Cricket I our photography group. Then in May she posted a challenge.. wait…what? a challenge..what;s this?
    Then i started seeing people post their photos for this challenge and they were very different! How one interpreted the challenge another interpreted it completely different!
    During this time I was using my daughter’s Cannon (I think) Sure Shot!!
    By the end of the month all I wanted to do was take photos of everything and everyone! Well people got sick of me real quick but I didn’t care I kept at it!
    So I decided I wanted a CAMERA of my own!
    I started checking out cameras and asking people, and finally I decided on the Nikon P510! I wanted one I could change lens, etc but finances did not allow for that!
    I absolutely love this camera! Someday I hope to upgrade but for right now I am very pleased with what I have!
    So YES once again I blame this on Cricket..She light my passion for photography once again!

    For anyone interested here’s Photography Blog! I hope you enjoy!

    • CricketCricket09-30-2012

      I am always getting the blame for stuff! (grin)

  10. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany09-30-2012

    I love composition and juxtaposition. Taking pictures to me is like an artist creating a canvas. Photography is an escape. My father had a huge collection of older camera, but never took a picture. I used to take pictures with an old Brownie hawk eye and develop them in a make shift dark room. I guess that I have always taken pictures. I am not good at manipulating the settings. I find that I just want to take a picture as I see it right then. Often after I’ve tried to get all the settings right, the moment has passed. I want to get one of those new cameras where you take the canvas and then create the picture in post production.

    I also want a pinhole camera just to see what happens.

    • CricketCricket09-30-2012

      It is a wonderful escape for me as well.

  11. Bob BarrettBob Barrett10-01-2012

    I have to say that I’m very addicted to photography but when asked “why” it’s hard to come up with a definitive answer. I like patterns – lines – shadows – textures – reflections – the way the light dances around through the trees in the morning. It’s mood invoking. I love the lines of classic cars or the flames of the after-burners on fast moving jets. I love the ‘catchlights’ in the eyes of people when they’re smiling or even catching someone deep in thought.
    It’s so many things and yet only a microsecond of time waiting for you to step in and have a look around (though some of my bug photos may not be so inviting).
    I guess that’s WHY I’m addicted to photography IS the feeling I get when I leaf through them. Stopping that humming bird or bee or fast moving jet or the peace you feel when you look at water in the early morning hours before the wind when it looks like a glass mirror reflecting the flowers and trees around it. — It’s just awesome. And with the advent of digital photography it makes it that much more instantly gratifying 🙂 —
    And then there are other photographers that share their vision and cause you look deeper in to things like Cricket! — Having someone and a community to share your passion with makes it that much more enjoyable!

  12. Belinda SBelinda S07-06-2013

    I am by no means a seasoned photographer, hell, I am still using my old 35mm Canon EOS, but it does take a nice shot. I love that we can capture moments in time and reflect on those moments and see the real beauty of the moment in detail.

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