Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Why are we so focused on every shot we get being picture perfect? Who told us it had to be that way? Are we so set on perfection that we occasionally find ourselves losing the moment all together?

Ya know what? Who cares if the light is exactly where we need it? Perhaps sometimes the only thing we want to capture is that moment when we looked up through the trees from our campsite and realized how perfect life was in that moment.

How about you? Are you sometimes hesitant to share pictures because you’re not sure if they are good enough or not? Does it really matter? Maybe we learn more about photography when we just let go and have fun…


  1. MimiMimi10-20-2013

    Nobody’s prefect! 😉 We share because we captured an amazing image, or a moment we loved; we share for our photo friends’ critiques; and we share “just because” we have an awesome place for sharing our own images, and appreciating and learning from others’ images.

  2. Paul DineenPaul Dineen10-20-2013

    As Mimi says, there are numerous reasons for taking a picture and for sharing it. Ditto that.

    Another aspect:
    I get that way about scenes that people have taken a zillion pictures of. Eg, Golden Gate Bridge, St. Louis Arch. I don’t want to just take a pic that 127,000,000 others have taken. What’s the point? If I can at least think of one to take that only 500,000 have taken then that’s something.

  3. Pam SohanPam Sohan10-20-2013

    I share my pictures on Facebook all the time, even if they are less than ‘perfect”. I love taking pictures and most of my friends love seeing them. I’m not a professional, I take pictures because I enjoy taking them. Sharing on Facebook I figure who ever doesn’t want to see them can hit the “I don’t want to see this” button LOL

  4. Zen SutherlandZen Sutherland01-08-2014

    I don’t even understand the concept of ‘perfection.’ Perfectly what? A photo that – once taken – means you don’t have to take any more? I don’t want that, i like taking photographs. And can there be more than one perfect? I just don’t get it.

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