Street Photography


MINI CHALLENGE: Street Photography
Yes, I realize we have done this mini challenge before, but I want to spend more time with it now and actually see how much we can learn about this art. Although it is certainly okay to share shots you have already taken, I would love to see you also try some new photos seeing if you can capture even better images using some new tips and techniques.

Street photography is a type of documentary photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and other settings.

When you post your pictures in the group, please take a moment to share added information about the picture you have taken.

Here are some articles that I found. I will also be posting these articles one by one in the group so that we can discuss them individually.

Above all, let’s just have fun with this challenge! <3


  1. Joyce CampJoyce Camp09-24-2012

    I love this…thank you! You are so awesome!!!

  2. Trudi CrookshanksTrudi Crookshanks09-24-2012

    I love this idea as well! I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment, but I will take pictures as often as I can.

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