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Where did it all begin… Hmmmmm… good question!

I’ve always been that artsy kind of person, after all, I AM a Libra…. I play guitar, piano, I was a draftsperson back before CAD/CAM, and I just loved doing pen and ink sketches and finishing up with watercolor. In nearly every one of these things I do, I’m self taught. I played the music by ear and can remember the old piano in my garage when I was eight. My father thought someone else was playing a song. It all just came sort of naturally to me. I’m thrilled now that my grandsons play. It was only natural that photography fit in there.

I remember, and still have the first picture I ever took. It was one of my sister, Mom and Dad at my aunt’s camp in New Hampshire. Even though I cut off part of my sister’s arm, and in the photo, and you can tell my Dad was instructing me, it was mine…all mine! I still remember using the old Brownie camera.

When my boys were born, I had them outside, “posing” if you want to call it that….they never really stood still. But, I was so into photography and capturing their innocent, sweet, and often dirty faces and I’m glad to have those now.

My first “good” camera, was a Minolta SRT 101 that used film. Ugh. when I think of that now, and how much easier digital is, I wish I had that then. I still have the camera and can’t get over how heavy it is. My first born, Mike, was the subject of most of my early efforts. By the time Steve came around, I was too busy chasing Mike to get that many of him.. Must stink to be the second kid! My third son, Scott, sort of lucked out…he was born when the older boys were already in school, so I have many pictures of him! Again, poor Steve!

In 2009, I purchased all of my Nikon equipment and I’m in love with it all…. every little or big gadget! I travel across the country from my home in MA to my son, Mike’s home in CA. I travel with a best friend who also loves this ride. We drive from coast to coast, taking all different routes, so my collection of photos are from all over the country.

I’m so fortunate to be able to so this and I’m so appreciative of my husband’s attitude toward it. He thinks it’s great, but he just probably loves the peace and quiet when I’m gone!

This year’s journey will take us from New England to Seattle, by way of Niagara Falls (I want to see them in color at night) to Chicago, up to Minnesota to visit my travel buddy’s friends, and then across toward the northwest. I hear it’s a must to take in Glacier National Park so that’s on the list. One year we did 8 national parks and that was amazing. We’ll see if we can get wonderful photos again that this year.

I don’t think there are too many places in the US that I can say I haven’t seen or been by. I’m so anxious to get back on the road when August rolls around. In January, typically after the holidays, we begin mapping out our journey. It’s so exciting to have something like this to look forward to! Have Jeep, will travel….

This New England girl loves to travel with a camera and I find time to shoot each day. I have to admit, I’m running out of interesting subjects near my house. Maybe a good snowstorm will help with some different scenery!

I’m incredibly thrilled to have met up with so many talented photographers on Facebook and I’ve learned a great deal from so many of them. We’ve discussed editing, adding texture and just about every other thing that makes the photos look so professional. I feel so lucky!

Tricia Marchlik

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  1. Valerie EkholmValerie Ekholm01-13-2014

    I hope you have a wonderful upcoming journey and look forward to seeing your beautiful pics of it! Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us, it will make viewing your photos all the more fun and interesting!

    • TrishTrish01-14-2014

      Thanks so much, Valerie… August can’t come fast enough for me to hit the road!! I do typically bring everyone along, via evening posts, when I’m on my trips. I’ll be sure to post some of these in “I Love Photography” !

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. MimiMimi01-24-2014

    Road trip! 😀 You make your images special; very nice.

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