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I have always lived in a house with pictures. My mother always had a camera with her, when we went places and I have followed after her. I can remember having a polaroid camera at 6th grade camp. Every trip we took, I had a camera with me.

For 33 years, I was a real estate appraiser and had to take pictures of houses, both inside and out. I went through the film age to the digital age with my work pictures.

In 2009, I was able to leave the appraisal industry and not too long after that picked up my Canon Rebel XSi from Costco; which has recently turned into a Canon 60D.

I started going to meet up groups in the Southern California area and went onto The Digital Photography School, which led me to Flickr and Facebook and more photography groups. Until recently, I was using Photoshop Elements to edit my pictures; but my daughter, who is a graphic design student, challenged me to change to Photoshop, which I did.

My dream, for a very long time, has been to travel this country in an RV and share my pictures and possibly make some money. In 2012, while we were on vacation in Washington, D.C., I started a blog about my travels in life, called In 2013, I decided to do a 365 day blog and photo challenge. I did not finish either challenge, but it opened a new world as to where I wanted to go in the future. I will be having a website called Travels with Gypsy in the next month or so, which will combine several of my current blogs. I working on writing an historic road blog, a railroad blog, California Mission blog and a blog with my photos, which is called,

The year of 2014, will be the year of learning more about editing, growing with my new camera and learning more about my website and doing more writing. I love to explore, take pictures and recently have come to love to write.

Since I quit appraising, my new saying is “Open your eyes and see the world”.

Trudi Crookshanks


  1. Cricket WalkerCricket Walker01-24-2014

    I have so loved watching your growth! 🙂

  2. Thank you Cricket!

  3. MimiMimi01-24-2014

    It’s fun “joining” you on your photo walks! You have a wealth of subjects and nice variety in your images. 🙂

  4. Thank you, Mimi!

  5. ScottScott02-16-2014

    Trudi, that’s awesome that you were able to find your passion in life with photography. I can’t tell you how much I respect people who have the guts to quit a job or make a career change like that. 🙂

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