What If The Magic Is Gone?


What if I’ve lost it?

What if the magic is gone?

What if I never capture a good shot again?

We have all asked ourselves these questions.

There are times when we can’t seem to capture so much as a marginally good picture even if our lives depended on it. The more we focus on it, the worse our results get. What the heck is going on?

Is it my camera? Do I need a new one?

Is it me?

Did I get a couple of lucky shots in the past and now it is all over?

Do I totally suck at photography?


Relax. It’s not over and you don’t suck.

The only thing that can stop the magic is if you stop shooting.

Similar to writer’s facing writer’s block, sometimes we just get stuck.

We simply need to find those things that most inspire us.

Grab your camera.

Go someplace different.

Just start shooting again.

Don’t think about it too much. Just shoot.

Find the beauty surrounding you.

Get rid of your fear of taking creative liberties with the shots you capture. Play with your pictures in a photo editor until you create what it is you see inside your head. Push the limits and play! Allow the creativity to flow through you.

Above all, challenge yourself to try new things and just have fun.

What things do you do when you get stuck with your photography?


J. Cricket Walker


  1. Chuck SummersChuck Summers10-28-2012

    Funny you should bring this up now. Kind of hits right where I’ve been for the last few weeks. I’ve been having an affair with the delete button as of late. 🙂 I think it’s because your mind gets sidetracked with life in general. Too many things going on. The way I break it is to grab my camera gear, jump in my truck and head for the hills. Get out by myself. You’re right about just start shooting again, pretty soon you’ll fall back into that groove and the rest of the world just goes away.

  2. Totally agree with what you both are saying. The area around me does not always inspire me, but I have learned to belong to enough meet up groups that will get me into different areas that I enjoy. I do need to challenge myself to try new things. I have also learned this with my exercise, as my weight loss was starting to get boring and I was becoming not motivated. I use Photoshop Elements and Mari is going to teach me Photoshop over the Thanksgiving holiday and from what I am seeing people do with HDR, I need to look at that as well.

  3. SOBSOB10-28-2012

    I know that I’m not a god photographer but thanks for Photoshop and the GIMP it makes it much easier to pull a bad shot into a good one.

    • SOBSOB10-28-2012

      *god to good. Apparently I can’t type either.

  4. Becky Patlan-GarciaBecky Patlan-Garcia10-28-2012

    How timely your blog is. As I said a few weeks ago, I’ve been having a photographer’s block. I carry my camera with me again but it seems there isn’t anything I want to shoot. I’ve been trying my photo editing software (I have about 3 different kinds including photoshop) and have been bringing some new life into pics I have taken over the years but I’m ready to go take new. I’ve been looking over any and every picture that anybody else has posted and trying to get new ideas. I guess I’m going to just have to do as you suggest, go someplace new and just start shooting. (Colorado is a great place to take pics 🙂 Thanks for the pep talk Cricket. I love how you are always boosting us up.

    • CricketCricket10-28-2012

      Have you ever tried a “Just One Photo A Day” challenge? Sometimes when we stop looking for the magic and just start shooting again, the magic finds us….

  5. John KainJohn Kain10-28-2012

    Don’t really have any advice cause I am in a very deep rut right now myself. I was putting together a quick article for your site about this very subject. Thought if I write it, it will help me get back into creative photography without the tricks of software. However, with your post here and the comments being made, maybe it would be too depressing! 🙂 I have 20 or 30 thousand photos that span more than 40 years of work. I have been digitizing many and trashing most to see where I went off the mark but what I really need to do is get out there and shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. I feel I have lost my eye and creativity. I can see it in other peoples work so why not in my own. I am going to give myself a year and I hope I can get back into the swing and make my cameras sing! If not, I know where you can get some good Nikons cheap!

    • CricketCricket10-28-2012

      I think sometimes we try too hard to get that perfect shot instead of just enjoying our love for capturing the world around us. Relax and just start shooting again. You will find it…

  6. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany10-29-2012

    Agreed – we need another challenge, Cricket!

  7. zenzen12-29-2012

    Funny that this never bothers me. What if i die tomorrow. OK.

    I love the act of photography so much and the feeling is that i can move 3 steps and take another at least well-composed and crafted piece of mediocrity that sooner or later the light that flows into my light-gathering machine will be at least acceptable and then 1 in 1000 of those pix will be memorable and wonderful. And one of those 1000 will be a great shot! Just let me at the world with a camera-box in my hands and i’m happy.

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